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Wash & Print U2803 - 20kg

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The TRESU Wash & Print cleaning liquids are especially developped for the cleaning ofs UV & solvent inks.
This allows the effective cleaning of all ink systems of a printing plant. For TRESU  iCoat equipment use part number 3034494.
TRESU Wash & Print for the respective ink system removes in conjunction with the recommended cleaning process even dried ink from the anilox roller as well as from all other parts of the machine.
The TRESU Wash & Print cleaning liquids are exactly adjusted and thus ensure a very effective and economic cleaning result without affecting the different components of the printing unit like anilox roller, pumps, seals and chamber doctor blade systems.
The high environmental compatibility as well as the low foaming are two of the remarkable features of TRESU Wash & Print. 


 Ink system : UV & solvent
 Dilution rate: Undiluted
 Liquid solubility: None
 pH-value:  8,5 - 9,5
 Foaming:    Low
 Biodegradable: Yes
 Transport & Storage : Frost resistant  

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